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CASARI RANCH HOLIDAY OFFERS: Our farm stand will be open Dec 1, Dec, 7, 14, and 15th, from 11 am to 4pm and by appointment during the week. Try samples of our apple juice and apple ciders. We have lots of goodies including baskets of apples: 1 basket will make 2 pies or approx. ---jars of applesauce. Make your own Herbal Vinegar: we supply the organic herbs, the apple cider vinegar and mason jar. You choose your herb combination. Herbs to choose from include: lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage, rose geranium, mint and more. Make your own herbal tea blends, comes with card on each herb. Mint Plant Starts: choose from four different types. Make your own tincture kits. Other products include seed packet medley, jam and preserve sets-choose your own varieties, Honey, Apple firewood bundles for the BBQ enthusiast. Great for smokers and BBQ’s. Our farm stand includes jams, preserves, tinctures, salves, candles, harvesting baskets, jewelry, books, wool table runners and placemats, wool sponges, bamboo utensils in wool casing, to go ware, fermentin kits, bundle of Bulbs: Enjoy a bundle of bulbs wrapped in burlap. Mix and match. Choose from naked lady bulbs, daffodil, daylily bulbs and * Minimum purchase of $25 requested

Equine Guided Coaching

Where spirit, intuition and leadership meet. See below for more indepth coaching with Ariana. For those that want a private coaching session with Ariana Strozzi, founder of Equine Guided Coaching and Leadership & Horses™ start with a 1.5 hour session for 1 to 2 persons. If you are interested please inquire or request an appointment.




Be the Change you want to see in the world! It’s time to come into right relations with self, other and the earth. Horses offer us profound, unique access to our deeper intuition and calling and help us find the courage we need to step into our authentic conversations in order to find the new path that is awaiting us. Ariana adds to this program her mastery in somatics, nature’s wisdom and animal guides to help you transition into your new life with grace. The time is NOW.



We offer buggy tours of the ranch that takes 1.5 + hours and can be arranged by appointment. The tour costs $125 (for up to 5, additional guests are $10 per person). Our tour is a truly educational and unique way to see the ranch, learn about our sheep, the wool industry, and experience one of the few diverse ranches left along the California Coast. The tour includes a visit to our private fern gully, exploring special medicinal plants, forests and our horse clan.


We look forward to seeing you on the farm


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