I had an optimistic thought yesterday in the midst of warding off feelings of sadness. I thought, “Mother Nature is giving us bits and pieces of what’s to come. She is giving us a chance to adapt and change to our now ever changing environment. Some of us wont make it, some of us will adapt. The opportunity now is to adapt, ask not ‘when will this stop?’ or ‘why is this happening?’, but rather, ‘how can I adapt to this?’

This is a time like no other here on our Pacific Coast. Our redwood forests have burned before. Nature bounces back in an amazing display of creative re-generation. Throughout time and history, there are many species that adapt to extremes and survive tough times as nature wields her power. Why do you think we have such a fascination with dinosaurs? Some of the more specialized species have a harder time adapting to significant changes...

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Fires, Eerie Skies 9/11/2020

California Fires, Eerie Skies,  9/11/2020

Stillness. Quiet. Unusual Quiet. It’s dark outside. A pumpkin orange darkness. It shouldn't be dark at 10 am here on our California Coastline in Sonoma County. But it is. Part of me thinks I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and should go back to sleep. The other part of me thinks it must be evening and time for a glass of wine. And yet another part of me wanted to call my children and tell them I love them just in case I never get to see them again.

            While the fires are not at our feet right now, the heavy smoke and toxic air have come close to earth now after a record heat wave. Friday we had over 105 in the shade and 115 in Petaluma (unheard of). The rose blooms, flowered and dried on the stem within hours.

In spite of the heat, Saturday we were able to do our first Upick. We staggered guests for a private experience and it went off wonderfully. We’re in...

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August 2020, CA fires and what the spider says

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

RANCH UPDATE:  August 2020

I’ll be honest. It’s been a stressful few weeks. The LNU fire is the closest to us and has threatened so many of our friends and loved ones. We were one district over from mandatory evacuations at one point. I found myself packing, sorting, re-packing for days. We usually think of fire season starting in October, so the 600+ fires in CA have been more than a surprise. We packed up one truck and trailer in case we needed to leave at a moment’s notice like last year. The other truck is reserved for cats and dogs and goats. I made some leather tags for the horses with their names and our phone # and braided it into their manes just in case. I made new collars for the goats with tags and a butterfly and turquoise too. I have an emergency bag I can throw over my shoulder.

            It’s interesting noticing what I am packing this year as opposed to last year. I have to admit I...

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Uncategorized Aug 28, 2020


Dear Mother Earth, thank you for giving me life
Thank you for all of our brothers and sisters who we share your essence with
May we give back to you all of the nurturing and life fulfilling support you have given us
May you receive our prayers of love and gratefulness and may we bring you peace
May we learn to be more respectful of your delicate nature
May a rock or tree never be lost on us
May we have the courage and strength to stand for peace and harmony on your soil, in your skies and within your waters
May we give back to you what you give to us-goodness, a healthy balance within, above and below
May we always honor your magic-your mystery and your inspiration.

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Is there a correlation between CA fires, Coronavirus and Climate Change?

Wow, this saying takes on a whole new meaning for those of us in California this hot August month of 2020. With over five hundred wildfires burning in CA right now, life seems on the verge of apocalyptic. As of August 24th, more than 1.4 million acres have burned across California. If coronavirus hasn't get everyone’s attention, this should.

It really does force one to look deeply into what these times are and how to befriend new paradigms on subjects like ‘why self care now matters more than social identity’, the value of stuff and why we collect so much of it’, ‘how we gauge self worth and our value to society’, and ‘what are new trends for how to make a contribution to the greater good?’  Then there is the, “How did we get here?” “What are we being asked to learn or change?”


As many of you know my favorite approach is to look at...

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The power of meaning when you have no control---and what the raven said


The power of meaning when you have no control

© Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi 4/3/2020

I am preparing for loss. Are you? You may have already experienced loss as the tragedy of the Corona Virus 19 rages around the world taking innocent bystanders in its grip. My heart hurts for the nurses, doctors and first responders (and all of the health professionals) who are in the trenches trying to save even those who are unsaveable. I worry about the people young and old who feel lost and abandoned, and those who feel suffocated in the confines of their home. My mind spins in circles “What can I do?” My healer self asks, “How can I help?” What is the hidden meaning or meanings? What can I do now? What are my choices? What are the opportunities we can find in this crisis.

My mind struggles for a solution, knowing I wont find one. As a zoologist, I know this virus has a purpose in the bigger arch of gaia, no matter how harsh and...

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Rise above the fear. Focus on your choices and stay connected with your loved ones

© By Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, 3/19/2020

I’m bothered. Very bothered. I’ve been trying to figure it out. I can feel the fear and anxiety that the news media has created regarding the Corona Virus 19. I’m listening to their intonation, the way they state their words. The energy and rhythm of their tone of voice is so well trained to trigger a startled response from the viewer. The response they encourage now is fear. Be very afraid. “Listen,” the planned rise and fall of their announcements reflect off the walls of your house.

“Listen to me.” As they entice you into believing they are the reliable source of information. After all, they are the news. I don't intend to offend the reporters and journalists. I know their intentions are good. The question is who is really feeding them...

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I do not need anyone’s approval


Winter 2020 here in Sonoma County; rainy, soggy, frosty mornings, warm days teasing for spring, now waiting for rain again. Our response: eating more than we work off, praying more and just resting more. I’m trying to relish the slower pace, the fireplace, and finishing stupid little projects I put off until a wet winter day. How about you?

I try to imagine keeping pace with my achievements of last year, and then, quite frankly, I just don't want to anymore. I’ve simply had enough of last year.

Why try to keep up the momentum of a long summer day deep in the winter weather of now?

I’m not ready to fully embark on 2020 yet, at least not at the quick pace of a normal spring day with sunny weather and the garden lush with possibility. And that being said, I look forward to spring. I’ll take a few more weeks of slower pace, before I prepare for my 2020 race. How about you?

Who’s permission do you need to slow down and...

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Leaves of Gold Falling, Calling in 'The Fall' Sept 2019


© Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Sept 25, 2019

Today in Northern California, it is hot, dry and fire winds remind us of those tragic fires of 2017. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Yet, it is a busy time on the ranch. The peak of harvest distracts us from the pressures of the outer world. This morning harvesting lavender, calendula seeds, rose geranium, and setting out grapes in the sun to become raisins. I decide to honor the sun by making a new herbal oil with a blend of calendula, California poppy and rose geranium. I place the oil and herbs in a mason jar and set it in the baking hot sun of our back deck.

            As I turn toward the garden, I see in the distance, gold flecks falling in the light dry breeze. Golden bay leaves dance rhythmically towards the earth, foretelling that fall has indeed arrived. A few gold leaves fall on the backs of the horses who are...

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Allow the Ebb & Go with the Flow in these challenging times

2019 ebb & flow 2019 Aug 12, 2019

Allow the Ebb & Go with the Flow in these challenging times

Summer 2019, By Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, © 8/9/19

 We were driving up the coast today and I was imagining the coastline as it may have been two hundred years ago. I remembered a talk I heard that said this shoreline used to be hundreds of feet further out in the ocean. And now I look out and see cliffs being eroded by the intense waters of change. We drive past Salmon Creek where Coastal Highway 1 has become a one lane road and the houses that used to rest at the cliff’s edge are gone, swept into the ocean returning the cement foundations to their origins. There’s one house left and it’s for sale. Is it a sign of the times, an elegant Sotheby’s sign on what once was an amazing house now doomed to be swept off of its foundation and to disappear forever? Who would buy it? What is actually for sale?

And the ocean keeps changing. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. I see people...

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