We love weddings! Choose us for a magical, peaceful, serene and deeply memorable event. We look forward to making your special day the best ever! We can also provide many of the services you need.

Special Events

We excel at creating unique spaces for bringing people together in a natural setting. Our vegetable and flower gardens not only make a beautiful ambience, they provide color, texture and food for your venue.

Educational Venues

We've hosted health/ wellness and Ag classes, equine guided education, wool festivals, leadership conferences, and guest healers/teachers for over thirty years. Our specialty is bringing nature to the educational/healing experience.

" Casey & Ariana offered a nourishing environment for my course participants...and myself! It’s so much more than just an event venue. It's magical, and everyone feels that when they arrive. Ariana has a magic way with herbs and healing foods. Her foods come mostly from her own gardens, complemented with other local, farm-fresh, organic ingredients. It’s an inspired place, a living place, a loving place."

Kerri Lake, 2019

Four of our favorite locations

The heirloom apple orchard

The antique apple orchard is quiet, magical and nurturing. Choose your time of year whether its when the trees are blooming or when they are full of fruit. The trees are giants, unlike most orchards you see these days. They are wise and full of good stories. They are like protectors gracing you with solid ground.

Frog Pond

Enjoy your pre and or post reception at our delightful frog pond. Flat grassy area, with paved area for tables and or dancing. Sunny, sheltered from coastal winds. Creek nearby and so is the barn with farm animals. Electricity at site.

Barn Yard Party!

We’re masters of a good ol’ down home barn party. Enjoy the farm animals, goats, chickens, horses, sheep, plenty of room for tables, cocktails, hors d' oeuvres, food and dancing. We can even have a bon fire here. Our 3 bedroom guest house is ready nearby.


On Top of the World

This venue reminds me of the line in the song, "The Hills Are Alive with the Sound Of Music", set atop our lush grassy meadows, with hundreds of acres of seasonal wildflowers overlooking the Pacific Ocean, far off inland mountains and Salmon Creek and Bodega valley below. Your on top of the world here!

Fairy Tale Wedding Testimonial

"Words will never convey the gratitude and wonder we felt for all you and Casey did for us.  Thank you so very much, for allowing us to experience your ranch and to memorialize our commitment to one another there.  It was a truly magical experience, one which I continue to revel in. Getting married at Casari Ranch fulfilled every wish and hope I had as a bride.

We had the fairy tale wedding I dreamed of.  If we could do it again every year, we would!  Thank you Ariana and Casey (and crew!) for making our dream come true.  We will never forget you or your remarkable kindness and grace."--Tracy & Dan

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