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I'm looking for Earth Ninja’s who are ready to take a stand for the earth, the plants, the animals, insects, rocks and trees. Together we can create empowered choices, thoughtful actions and healthy beings. When we each take individual action, it creatives a ripple effect for all.

Join my earth whisperer private community and together we can reverse climate change and heal ourselves and our planet through collaborative actions. Its time we take a stand for our health, our agricultural systems and the future of life on earth. I’m here to empower you to learn more about what is really destroying our health and the health of our planet.

Turn off the news, stop watching the pharmaceutical advertisements and take your health in your own hands. I’m a breast cancer survivor and a Lyme’s Disease Ninja, so I know how do it.

I know it seems overwhelming, but there are many actions we can take to stop our unsustainable lifestyles and save the planet and save a lot of money at the same time. Together we’ll find the courage to take new actions like refusing to purchase goods that are polluting our air, our water, our soils, our food and our bodies. I’ll be bringing eye opening statistics from interviews with diverse experts from our agricultural systems to leading shape shifters. In addition I offer health tips, new consumer practices, and a private membership community where we take monthly challenges together and at the end of each month we review the % of change we’ve made and donate a % of funds to a worthy cause that does not create a physical product but has an earth saving commitment.

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Together we can reduce our impact on climate change by consciously attending to how we consume, what we consume and taking a stand for ethical consumerism. We'll have a monthly challenge of a new practice we can do together to reduce toxic production and packaging and more. 


It's time we take a stand for our health, our agricultural systems and the future of life on earth. I've spent my life being in and learning from nature. But it took breast cancer and Lyme's to make me listen and learn in a deeply committed way, versus an idealist approach.


I offer monthly health tips on healthy food choices, powerful herbal remedies and more. I love the power of plants, herbs, trees and our more familiar fruits and veggies. There's so much to learn, and it starts with listening and feeling.


It's time to take back our earthly practices of growing, tending, harvesting and respecting our soil, our life blood. Together we can empower our farmers and ranchers and ourselves as consumers to take a stand to stop toxic Agriculture and lead new paradigms in sustainable farming that respects the 'Gaia'-the earth, plants, animals and humans as a interconnected web of life.


I know this is a lofty task to think we could 'Save the Planet'. But, I have to believe in this possibility. I know I can't do it alone. I also know from my years as a Master Somatic Coach and Equine Guided Healer that we're not designed to isolate and be alone. We are a community with shared values, shared beliefs and together we can take the actions to change our condition


There is not one person that is right, not one person that is wrong. Our systems, our concepts of reality, are based on our perceptions of what we see possible and what we deem impossible. We create our own reality. In that confession lies our redemption. The rest of the animal/plant and earthly world does not live in a right and wrong system. So why do we? Let's make a new story, a new reality of what being human being can mean.

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Monthly Membership

$14.95 per month

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"Our success is no longer defined by our accumulation of material goods. It is about being in service to a worthy cause. The next frontier of leadership is of a spiritual nature!” "

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

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