Is there a correlation between CA fires, Coronavirus and Climate Change?

Wow, this saying takes on a whole new meaning for those of us in California this hot August month of 2020. With over five hundred wildfires burning in CA right now, life seems on the verge of apocalyptic. As of August 24th, more than 1.4 million acres have burned across California. If coronavirus hasn't get everyone’s attention, this should.

It really does force one to look deeply into what these times are and how to befriend new paradigms on subjects like ‘why self care now matters more than social identity’, the value of stuff and why we collect so much of it’, ‘how we gauge self worth and our value to society’, and ‘what are new trends for how to make a contribution to the greater good?’  Then there is the, “How did we get here?” “What are we being asked to learn or change?”


As many of you know my favorite approach is to look at...

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