The power of meaning when you have no control---and what the raven said


The power of meaning when you have no control

© Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi 4/3/2020

I am preparing for loss. Are you? You may have already experienced loss as the tragedy of the Corona Virus 19 rages around the world taking innocent bystanders in its grip. My heart hurts for the nurses, doctors and first responders (and all of the health professionals) who are in the trenches trying to save even those who are unsaveable. I worry about the people young and old who feel lost and abandoned, and those who feel suffocated in the confines of their home. My mind spins in circles “What can I do?” My healer self asks, “How can I help?” What is the hidden meaning or meanings? What can I do now? What are my choices? What are the opportunities we can find in this crisis.

My mind struggles for a solution, knowing I wont find one. As a zoologist, I know this virus has a purpose in the bigger arch of gaia, no matter how harsh and...

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