I do not need anyone’s approval


Winter 2020 here in Sonoma County; rainy, soggy, frosty mornings, warm days teasing for spring, now waiting for rain again. Our response: eating more than we work off, praying more and just resting more. I’m trying to relish the slower pace, the fireplace, and finishing stupid little projects I put off until a wet winter day. How about you?

I try to imagine keeping pace with my achievements of last year, and then, quite frankly, I just don't want to anymore. I’ve simply had enough of last year.

Why try to keep up the momentum of a long summer day deep in the winter weather of now?

I’m not ready to fully embark on 2020 yet, at least not at the quick pace of a normal spring day with sunny weather and the garden lush with possibility. And that being said, I look forward to spring. I’ll take a few more weeks of slower pace, before I prepare for my 2020 race. How about you?

Who’s permission do you need to slow down and...

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