Leaves of Gold Falling, Calling in 'The Fall' Sept 2019


© Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Sept 25, 2019

Today in Northern California, it is hot, dry and fire winds remind us of those tragic fires of 2017. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Yet, it is a busy time on the ranch. The peak of harvest distracts us from the pressures of the outer world. This morning harvesting lavender, calendula seeds, rose geranium, and setting out grapes in the sun to become raisins. I decide to honor the sun by making a new herbal oil with a blend of calendula, California poppy and rose geranium. I place the oil and herbs in a mason jar and set it in the baking hot sun of our back deck.

            As I turn toward the garden, I see in the distance, gold flecks falling in the light dry breeze. Golden bay leaves dance rhythmically towards the earth, foretelling that fall has indeed arrived. A few gold leaves fall on the backs of the horses who are now growing their winter coats, bringing a smile to my face. A smile of joy and love. And then I smell the dryness in the air, and I am called back to that instinctive caution that comes with air that is too hot and dry, so out of place in our region.

            I go inside to try to concentrate on this newsletter, feeling the pressure to stay engaged with the outer world to find my own voice about climate change and my vision of my private earth whisperer community, which I am preparing to launch soon. And I get a link of young Greta Thunberg, 16 years old who has started a revolution to “Save the Planet”. The shocker is that some powerful, newsworthy figures are not happy about her tenacity. They are belittling her hoping we will think they are right and she is wrong. Why some resist her declaration that ‘we are headed towards extinction if we don't act now’, is baffling and is not even worth talking about. Rather how do we all take action like this 16 year old visionary leader. Let’s remember Joan of Arc, an often forgotten woman visionary, a national heroine of France, at age 18 she led the French army to victory over the English at Orléans. Captured a year later, Joan was burned at the stake as a heretic by the English and their French collaborators. Take a moment to even try to comprehend that men warriors listened to, respected and allowed a young woman of only 18 years to lead them into battle. The profundity of her leadership is often lost. And with many a true visionary, there are people who want her voice to be silenced.

            And as I write these words, the breeze picks up swirling more golden leaves around my small table as I sit by the creek in the shade trying to find the courage to call forward my own voice. And I say to her in silence, “OK! Greta, I will do my part to bring my earth whisperer community into reality, and in order to make this final commitment, I must let something go.”

For sure, I need to let go of some of the ways I create income so I can spend that time on my new voice and venture? And then a fear arises that I wont be able to support myself financially. But there’s another fear. I am afraid of being seen as angry, over zealous, disturbing. I am afraid I will get people disturbed and then they’ll just go from ‘feeling’ the pain and tragedy of what is really going on to deep denial. I am afraid nothing new will happen and I’ll lay my bleeding heart on the chopping block to be silenced once again. I am afraid I wont be able to make a difference.


THE FEAR THAT LEADS TO DEEP DENIAL GOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS, “If I really ‘feel’ the mass extinction of plants and animals, If I really acknowledge my feelings of powerlessness, I will feel great pain and I cannot bear it. I will be overwhelmed with sadness and maybe even lose my will to live at all. And I don't even know what to do. If I took the stand like Greta is doing now, no one will care. Worse yet, I would suffer financially and not be able to care for my family. And the contradiction is I have to keep spending money because nothing is meant to last anymore. It would mean a major overhaul of my life. I would really have to look at how many resources I consume. And then I feel hopeless, guilty and powerless to change my ways. So I shut down and go back to my phone, my computer, my work as if everything is going to be ok.” (I am not saying this is my voice per se, but feeling into the feeling of that powerless voice. I do resonate with much of it, but I am defiant and I want to challenge our courage to collectively take wing to change our paradigm of success and failure, conscious awareness of our cause and effect. I’ve done this in my equine work, Equine Guided Education, but it is no longer enough to aid one person at a time into freedom of speech and freedom of action for the sake of the whole planet.

Then there is the other fear, “What if I really said what I truly believe in a way that does not attack, judge or blame another human being? Well, if I did I am sure I will then get attacked and judged. But what if I don't want to encourage those horrible energetic transactions? I’m stuck again. No way out.”

            And yet, Greta is unapologetically angry! She awakens all with her accusations even the tired and weary, even the violent judgers lashing out verbal terrorism. She stands fiercely, taking a stand for the earth! And the glaring reality of our opposing ideals money—control—resources—convenience—consumerism—power—and the governmental systems of power over VERSUS protecting and stewarding the land--the earth--the plants--the animals--the weather—the humans (young and old) is buried deep in the contradiction. POWER OVER VERSUS POWER UNDER. Resulting in an overwhelming sense of powerlessness in how to change anything.

The earth beneath our feet, the ‘power under us’, she is wielding her power now. She is taking the actions she needs to take, sometimes angrily even, to unsentimentally drive us towards extinction if we don't care.

As if she says, “So, you want to cut down the forests in the Amazon so you can grow cattle where cattle should never be? So, you do not respect that the Amazon forest alone supplies an estimated 20% of the world’s oxygen? Does it matter whether its actually 20% or less, so now you are going to go and F’in argue about it instead of Awakening to True Leadership-Stewardship of all on earth?” Do you even remember that you need oxygen to breath?”

And with a gasp of wind she protests, “OMG-what am I to do with you, you are acting like pathological parasites?”


More to come.

In the meantime, be disturbed! (listen and feel the lyrics, This is not a new song. It’s a Simon & Garfunkel original from 1964. )

These words are not new. Poets, songwriters and activists having been trying in their own way of saying what Greta is now calling out. What’s it going to take to get our attention that we were made for these times, we can each choose to change our course of extinction?

He yells in the song, trying to get our attention, “Fools, said I, you do not know, Silence like a cancer grows!” And I am done with cancer. I am celebrating five years cancer free now!

I want to be more like Greta, so I am not apologizing anymore.

What is your courageous first step? What fear do you have to overcome to SAVE THE PLANET. 

Look forward to the new Earth Whisperer private membership community coming soon, with monthly challenges and opportunities to collectively make a difference and support the call, “Save the Planet!”




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