August 2020, CA fires and what the spider says

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

RANCH UPDATE:  August 2020

I’ll be honest. It’s been a stressful few weeks. The LNU fire is the closest to us and has threatened so many of our friends and loved ones. We were one district over from mandatory evacuations at one point. I found myself packing, sorting, re-packing for days. We usually think of fire season starting in October, so the 600+ fires in CA have been more than a surprise. We packed up one truck and trailer in case we needed to leave at a moment’s notice like last year. The other truck is reserved for cats and dogs and goats. I made some leather tags for the horses with their names and our phone # and braided it into their manes just in case. I made new collars for the goats with tags and a butterfly and turquoise too. I have an emergency bag I can throw over my shoulder.

            It’s interesting noticing what I am packing this year as opposed to last year. I have to admit I have packed a lot of rocks and shells . Not all of them. Just my favorites. It made me imagine a time long gone, when we either lived in a tipi or a shack. We really only needed a few things.

            Like my father’s daughter, I’ve made first aid kits for each truck, the barn, the ATV and the trailer too. I have halters in the trailer, at the barn, and on the ATV. We have sprinklers on top of the house. But a leak is draining our water tanks, five times now, and that is a major problem (meaning no water). We cut off a lot of the buildings and hope it will hold out for the house for now.

            That is the short and skinny of it. I had planned to start our U pick weekends since we are loaded with apples and pears, but at the moment that is on hold. I water the garden and hope it will be here tomorrow. I pray to earth, I thank her and ask for her to protect this valley, the animals and plants. My heart goes out to the different regions that are evacuated, the people who have lost homes, animals, legacy. I also make sure to smile several times a day. We have been lucky our air quality has been such that I can spend time with the horses and in the garden. But if you cannot, perhaps bring home a lovely smelling boquet of flowers and take the time to smell the roses.  Literally. It’s been helping me alot.

In fact, I brought this rose clipping in this morning to find a bright yellow spider on one of the petals. I took her outside. Hmmm, spider medicine…. 


We’d love to hear how you are in your ‘neck of the woods’ even the good, bad and ugly of it. Communication and sharing are vital right now. Love to you, and blessings for good health.


Spider represents creativity, energy, strength, wisdom and intuition among many other virtues. It is often thought that to see a spider is a good omen. I know when I saw this amazing yellow spider ( and she was quite large like the size of a blueberry) she was offering me a gift of metaphor and contemplation. She said, "Be patient, listen to your intuition and trust it. It is a good time to go within, reflect and imagine a new future, a new web of life, so ready for you to begin spinning into and through your imagination." If it has value to you try it on and pass it forward.


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