Casey & Ariana Mazzucchi


Casari Ranch is a 408 acre biodynamic, diverse working ranch in what feels like a remote, private location bordering year round Salmon Creek, yet less than an hour from the San Francisco Bay Area. Its easy to let the pressures of the world fall away as you drive down the quiet lane on the way to the ranch, naturally preparing you for a serene transition to one of the most quiet, private ranches in Sonoma county. As you drive over the bridge you arrive at our antique apple orchard taking you to another era in time. A time when life was simple, and the earth held the bounty of health at your finger tips. Our thunderbird, bear and salmon totem pole welcome you to our protected space where time stands still. You can still feel grandma putting up the summer’s bounty of apples in the old canning cabin at the orchard’s edge.

Take a quiet walk (aka Forest Bathing) by the creek and listen to the song birds and take in the healing fragrance of the nearby forests and clean air coming in off the coast. Relish in the amazing richness of the fern gullies and plethora of exotic plant life. Wildlife is abundant and encouraged on our ranch. Enjoy our local birds of prey, egrets, ducks, herons, quail, raven, deer, bobcat as well as our ranch horses, sheep, goats and chickens. Our numerous gardens include medicinal herbs, fruit and vegetables, and ornamental wonders including the 24 feet tall rhododendrons.

Casari Ranch is bordered by three year round creeks all of which are sacred breeding grounds for salmon currently endangered, yet hopefully returning to their original prosperity through our conservation efforts. In addition to our peaceful creeks and orchard that are protected from the coastal winds, the ranch features numerous forest trails and hundreds of acres of pastureland with panoramic views from the church in Bodega (which featured ‘The Birds’), to the far off hills of Pt Reyes and a view of the Pacific Ocean.

The ranch is located half an hour from Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Turn off Hwy 12 between west Sebastopol and Bodega Bay, just one mile north of Hwy 1. The region surrounding our ranch is one of a kind, coastal farmland. This is the region of the numerous local artisan cheeses, organic dairies where we really do have happy cows in pastures, and organic farmers paving the way for sustainable agriculture. While you feel like you are a long way away from civilization and city life, we are within minutes of the famed Sonoma Wine Country.


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